Proud and Passionate : We are proud, passionate and love what we do, meaning that partnering with us guarantees results through the dedication to our work.

● People First : LMS puts it’s people first, which in turn makes our support team more enthusiastic about their work.

● Fresh Perspective : A modern, forward thinking recruitment company, offering a fresh perspective on the recruitment process.

● Develop Strategies : We identify and develop strategies tailored to each client. This is achieved by focusing on the culture, vision, values and problem areas of each company we partner with on a perm and temp basis in order to place the right people or team in our client’s organisations forming a beautiful talent hub.

● Motivated Industry Professionals : We are committed to seek and provide highly motivated and determined industry professionals who will help accomplish our client’s goals and vision in their company.

● Shared Values : Candidates and Temps trust that by working with us they will be respected by our clients through the same shared values as LMS – caring, valuing and respecting people by putting people first.

● The Wellbeing Of Our Temps : We truly respect and care for the wellbeing of our temps. In return, we have an extremely reliable team who are loyal to the clients we work with – ‘Happy Therapist, Happy Spa, Happy Client’.

So, while we take care of the laborious work, you can use your time for the important stuff, such as growing your business and increasing your profits!

What sets us apart from other recruitment agencies?

We are the only recruitment agency in the UK partnered with ESPA. Our therapists are eligible for full training, so if your spa uses ESPA our team will be qualified, well prepared and equipped to help you achieve your retail targets.

The one thing we are proud of is our extensive knowledge of the spa industry.  We know our therapists really well! Our in-depth knowledge of our target audience helps us find the perfect candidate in a very short time.



We are a well established, leading spa & salon recruitment company in the UK.


We have an exceptional client portfolio having worked with the top 5* spas and salons across the UK.


We listen. Apart from explaining your requirements, we are all ears to understand your needs and issues. We will work with you to get to the core of your recruitment woes and solve them seamlessly.


We are in the people industry and therefore understand how important your employees are. This is why we strive hard to find only complete professionals.


We work around the clock to meet deadlines and cater to all of your needs.


Apart from finding talent, we provide numerous other services such as CV sourcing, corporate massage and helping our clients master their job descriptions.


We have access to vast databases of highly qualified professionals.


We believe in expeditious responses & quick turnaround times.


We use digital media and technology effectively along with our experience to screen and find the perfect beauty therapist, spa therapist or massage therapist to fill your available position.