Why is LMS unique in the beauty recruitment industry?


Because we believe in a 3-way value system.
Our motto is Happy Therapist – Happy Client – Happy Spa. Our ethos is strong and resonates from the client on the massage table straight through to our backend team. Happy is our foundation in creating our 3 way value system.
Our clients are our number one priority, however, every single one of us at LMS plays a part in creating the “Happy Client” and it starts with the “Happy Therapist”.

If the staff in the industry are respected, appreciated and compensated correctly, that is the basis of our “Happy Client”.

If our client is heard, valued and provided a quality service, then we have created a “Happy Spa”

If all these elements are constantly monitored and reviewed, then our back end team feel fulfilled and motivated to continue delivering our 3-way system. 

Respect and communication are felt from the hands of our highly trained therapists, right to the typing fingertips of our admin team.

Even though our ethos is “Happy Therapist – Happy Client – Happy Spa” we believe that we create an atmosphere of Respected Therapist – Valued Client – Motivated Team. This is our 3 way value system.

Recruitment Done Beautifully!