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So this week we thought we would talk a bit about us as a business, how we operate and what sets us apart. Recruitment is an ever-changing field and companies have to stay ahead of the curve to keep providing their clients with quality candidates. For us though, one thing has stayed the same from the start, and that is our ethos of ‘Happy therapist, Happy spa, Happy client’. We have expanded our vision and that is: ‘Recruitment, done beautifully’.

Our team is made up of ex-industry professionals who have trained to hone their skills to provide the best recruitment service possible.
Through looking to successful companies whose ethos are in line with our own, we have mirrored and implemented their strategies here at London Mobile spa.

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We have taken a completely new approach to recruitment and team creation, and it shows in our results- ​we supply spa staff including receptionists, therapists and spa managers to, but not exclusively, 4/7 of London’s Forbes rated spas on a permanent and temp basis and we are the agency that therapists are most likely to recommend.

Recruiting the truly ideal candidate does a number of things:

  • Increases employee retention and therefore
  • Decreases the recruitment costs of the client
  • Causes employees to be more engaged and content and therefore
  • Causes employees to be more productive

Here are a few of the vital things we look at when we are approached to find the ideal candidate for a client:


The culture is what defines the values, expectations, ethics and personality of the company, and with every placement, we have to ask: What type of team would they like to create and what type of candidate will fit with their vision?
Sometimes clients are not aware of what their business’s culture is or what they would like it to be. Fortunately, we can help them figure this out. Our team is trained through extensive business and recruitment coaching to help businesses understand what they are looking for and how to achieve it.
Often this is an overlooked area of recruitment, where the need to fill the space is perceived as greater than taking the time to consider who is a good fit. We believe, however, that this is the first and most vital part of the process.


We are not your average recruitment company, and we don’t write your average job description. After an interview with the client clarifying their business culture and what they need, we write an individually tailored job description for that specific client.
This job description, whilst it advertises the available position, it, more importantly, highlights what the companies culture is and what type of candidate they are looking for that will add to the culture and positively influence the team.
Pitching a candidate that is a good fit personality wise and slightly lacking in a specific skill is more valuable than pitching a candidate who is excellently skilled but will clash with the team. Skills can be taught, personality… well, it’s their personality. This sets the following in motion:

  • Builds trust between the management and the therapists
  • Employees can see that the managers are committed to their wellbeing as a team.
  • Creates the reputation that they are a company that cares (4/5 jobseekers research a
    companies reviews when deciding where to apply- so this is a really big deal)
  • Builds trust between us and our clients
  • Our clients feel listened to and understood
  • Our clients know that we take their needs seriously, and when they see an individually
    tailored job description, they know they are in safe hands
  • The candidates feel confident knowing what they are applying for
  • Our candidates have consistently reported to us that our methods of recruitment made
    them feel secure knowing what they were applying for

The job description is a big deal and one that we take very seriously.
We are super efficient
So this is not a total brag, but efficiency is our speciality and this reflects in our company reviews on google and reports from therapists that have worked with us. To give you an idea, our CV sourcing team are so good that they are able to source most of the CV’s available on the
majority of the advertising platforms in the UK in less than 2 hours. It’s pretty insane and we are so lucky to have them.
The thing is, we need this level of efficiency in order to deliver such an individually tailored service. Once we select the candidates we move on to the next phase:


After sifting through all available CV’s and selecting the handful of candidates we believe to be the best, we then implement our fail-proof secret method to narrow that list down even further.
However, if we told you what it was, then it wouldn’t be a secret now, would it 😉



Nobody likes to talk about money, but we are so proud to say that the temp therapists that work with us receive higher wages than through other agencies.





The above recruitment method is predominantly aimed at permanent placements of therapists, to create long-lasting and happy teams.
A continued problem with recruiting temp therapists is reliability. Due to our continued efforts to look after the staff that work with us, we have reduced our cancellation rates dramatically down to 1%.
To streamline the hiring process of temp therapists, we have decided to get technical by creating a bespoke online booking system called Eazibook. Eazibook allows spas to log in, put down the dates they need cover for and magically get matched up with a therapist who is available for those dates. Eazi right?!

So there you have it, our tried and tested method that has created happy teams all across UK. We believe in it so much, that this is the exact same method we use when looking for a team member to join the LMS team. We believe that by taking these steps, we are creating beautiful, healthy and well functioning teams because ultimately, our therapist’s happiness and comfort are of utmost importance to us.
Ultimately, it’s recruitment done beautifully.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”
-Sir Richard Branson

Some reviews that we are very proud of:
“I love working with London Mobile Spa. I have been with them for almost a year and work shifts around another job I have which has been very smooth and easy. I have never been pushed to have more availability or been pressured into working a shift, their approach is friendly, professional and accommodating and it is a pleasure dealing with all the ladies in the office. The pay is also great. I highly recommend LMS!”
-Emily Newns

“I have been with London Mobile Spa from the beginning. They are very professional, always look out for the interests of the therapist and always manage to keep you very busy. To any therapists looking to join an agency, this is the one!!!! 5*’s to you.”
-Carol Richards Simon

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