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We have all heard the warnings and statistics. The impact we have on our environment needs a substantial and rapid overhaul. Mass deforestation, contamination of our oceans and destruction of environments and ecosystems are a few side effects of living in the unsustainable way we have for so long. According to a 2013 American Lives marketing survey, there’s a 90 percent overlap between wellness-oriented consumers and environmentally-oriented consumers, meaning there is a market for more sustainable practices in this industry, and millennials are 75% more likely to pay a bit more for eco-friendly experiences and products. In keeping with the theme of our previous blog posts, this week we will be putting our focus on what you can do to make your work environments more eco-friendly as well as showing you four UK spas really leading the way in this area.

Changes you can make in your own workspace:


Without water, a spa or salon cannot function. From pools to steam rooms, from showers to laundry, water is a vital part of a spas everyday life. Here are some ways you can improve your water consumption:

  • Low flow shower heads. The Mira Beat Eco’s clever technology reduces your water usage by up to 75% without reducing pressure.
  • Wash only full loads of laundry: This will reduce the amount of energy used as well as water wastage, even if this means buying a few extra towels.
  • Use only biodegradable cleaning products. For your laundry use powders that come in a cardboard box instead of individual tablets in plastic. Delphis​ offers a huge range of eco cleaning products.
  • Get a dishwasher: Amazingly by filling up a dishwasher properly, you use less water than you would if you washed dishes in a basin.
  • Offer tap water to clients: Dress it up with some mint, lemon or cucumber and offer some nice glasses instead of bottled water for each client.


  • LED Bulbs: Fortunately most of the population has transitioned over to these highly energy-efficient bulbs. If your spa has not done so yet, making this small change can save tons of energy.
  • Install dimmers: This is another way to save even more energy in combination with LED bulbs.
  • Turn off lights in rooms that are not in use.

Electrical appliances

  • Install timers on heaters- Electrical heating is very energy heavy. Once turned on, these can easily be forgotten about. Attach timers to automatically turn them on and off throughout the day.
  • Boil only what you need in the kettle.
  • Clean out the lint from the tumble dryer after every use.
  • Ensure office equipment is well ventilated, avoiding heat build up.


  • Choose spa products from sustainable sources (see our previous blog post​ for some tips on this).
  • Ensure all product packaging is recycled/recyclable. If at all possible avoid plastic packaging.
  • Enquire with suppliers about returning old bottles and packaging to them for re-use. Possibly offer rewards to clients who return old product bottles/tubs.
  • Purchase in bulk: When ordering supplies or products, order in bulk to avoid multiple delivery trips.
  • Change plastic carrier bags to paper bags.

These are just a handful of ideas that you can implement. It is easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about transitioning to a more sustainable way of living, at work or at home, but remember: Just because you can’t change it all doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change anything. It is a gradual process and before you know it you will have made more changes than you realise.

Spas taking it to the next level

Below are three spas who have fully embraced the eco transition. They are leaders in the field of eco retreats in the UK and take this title very seriously.

Cloud Twelve- Notting Hill London

Set in the heart of the super funky Notting Hill in London, Cloud Twelve is truly the go-to place for all things wellness. This beautifully decorated wellness club spans three floors and has something for everyone. The brassiere provides a fully organic and plant-based menu, so you can indulge yourself guilt free! Constantly aiming to improve, they are working towards becoming 99% paperless and take the time to educate not only staff but members too about the importance of environmental sustainability.

Cloud Twelve goes beyond the regular reduce, reuse and recycle and have adopted upcycling as another means of creating a more sustainable business. As far as possible they have strived to use resources that are natural, sustainable and biodegradable within the club and only source products from responsible suppliers. You can read more about their views here.

The Scarlett- Cornwall

Sustainability is not just something that we feel is right, it has become a way of life. We strive to redefine what luxury can be, a richness of experience without over-consumption.The first word that comes to mind about this gorgeous spa and hotel is drama. The views and scenery provided by the surroundings are truly breathtaking. Overlooking Mawgan Porth Beach, there are few better places for you to unwind. As well as being gorgeous, this hotel truly takes sustainability to the next level. From a clifftop pool naturally filtered by a living reed bed to planting extensive bee-friendly plants, eco has never felt so good. Read more about 101 ways The Scarlett has made sustainability their number one focus here.

Coworth Park- Berkshire

Part of the Dorchester group, Coworth Park is considered one of the UK’s most environmentally-friendly hotels. This magnificent building boasts its own underground energy centre incorporating a Bio Mass Heating Plant. Willow is grown on the property to be used within the biomass plant; this is the only hotel in the UK to do this. They aim to reduce their carbon emissions by 50%. Read about their environmental practices​here.

Strattons- Norfolk

Strattons is an independently run family boutique hotel in the town of Swaffham. Art and design are strong features here with each room being individually and eclectically decorated. In their own words, Sustainability is at the heart of their business. Daily measurement of waste created and energy usage ensures that this hotel stays on top of unnecessary usage and production and keeps them in line with their aim to reduce consumption every year. Read more about their environmental ethos here.

As mentioned before, it is easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about sustainability and environmental issues, but it is something each and every one of us needs to take seriously and we all have the ability to create a positive impact. We don’t need a few people to make the full change, we need a lot of people making small changes.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.– Robert Swan

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