I’m a Self-Employed Beauty Therapist: What Next?

By February 19, 2018Therapists

In this time of Brexit, Donald Trump and inflation, many questions can arise that might trigger some doubts about what is best for a career in the Beauty industry a self-employed specialist. For instance when Brexit goes through, will spa recruitment suffer a downturn? If people are tightening their belts, will they cut down on simple treatments like manicures and pedicures?

When you’re self-employed, like 57% of everyone working in the industry, these are valid questions that will be weighing heavily on everyone’s minds when it comes to spa recruitment in London. After all, life as a hardworking self-employed beauty therapist is difficult. There is no paid holiday. Getting ill often means losing out on earnings, and you’re at the whim of your clients’ schedules so it’s often goodbye to weekends away and hello to more work to stay above water and cover the bills.

To help you navigate the complicated world of beauty agency work, here are the top tips you should bear in mind as you assess the year ahead as a therapist concerned about beauty salon jobs in London.

1. Beauty therapy is here to stay

No matter what will happen to the economy or with Brexit, people will still need manicures, facials and general spa therapy. So fear not, the need and desire for the skill sets of beauticians will, if anything, increase as people shift their spending from high-end luxury items such as expensive holidays, to smaller and more affordable experience like a good facial and pedicure.

2. Spa recruitment will be more dynamic

With Brexit, the opportunities for work as a spa therapist will likely increase in London as openings overseas begin to look even more attractive. For those who choose to stay in London, this can only be a positive: there will be more clients to choose from and there will be more agency work filling in the gaps left by those who moved abroad.

After Brexit, there will still be plenty of roles available for London-based Beauticians


3. Learn, train and practice

As a beautician, there will always be room to improve, and learn, and better yourself throughout your career. There will never be a day when you have nothing else to learn about beauty therapy.

To stay competitive, it’s important to fully immerse oneself into the industry and constantly learn new techniques and tricks of the industry. It’s crucial to be aware of the newest trends and the latest products and how effective they are. Attending trade shows such as Professional Beauty is a great way of doing this. On February 25th/26th the event focused on skincare and nail trends in 2018, microblading, bridal makeup and advanced skincare to name a few.

4. Joining an agency

In the world of beauty, image is everything, and even more so as a beauty therapist. A beautician’s life will be so much easier when joining an agency like The London Mobile Spa and your bookings are taken care of on your behalf.

Your days will be filled in advance so that the only thing you have to worry about is getting on with what you do best, every day, day after day. Clients will be grateful for the ease with which they can arrange bookings, and you don’t have to worry about finding work yourself.

Being self-employed can be daunting, frustrating and hard work, yet the rewards are limitless. The freedom to choose one’s hours, clients and where to work is a fantastic advantage. In 2018, the future of a self-employed beauty therapist is looking better than ever.


If you found this article helpful, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section. The London Mobile Spa is available to answer any questions you may have about what it is like to work with an agency.

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