Job Tips for Beauty Therapists: How to Make the Most of a 30 Minute Interview

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So you’ve found your dream place to work as a massage or beauty therapist, but only have a 30 minute opportunity to impress your prospective employer. Beauty and massage therapist jobs in London are extremely competitive with some of the highest standards in the industry, so make sure you’re prepared for interview and sell your skills and experience to the best of your ability.

Based on our own experiences of conducting interviews, we have compiled this handy guide to help you get the most from your interview experience and land yourself that job!


Think Outside of the Box

Your potential employer will have carried out dozens of interviews, and hearing the same predictable responses from candidates can become a dull process. Try to think of individual and genuine answers to grab their attention, make yourself stand out from the others and avoid sounding like you’ve taken the answer straight from an ‘idiot’s guide to interviews’ manual!


‘Why do you want to work at our spa?’

Bad answer: ‘it looks like a nice place to work, with a good atmosphere’
Good answer: ‘I feel that I would be a good fit for this spa/salon specifically because….I admire this company’s success and would be proud to represent it’

Differentiate yourseld from other candidates. That’s the key.


Demonstrate your Passion

Any spa or salon worth working for will want to know that you have integrity and care about what you do, as this will directly affect their clients and reputation. Demonstrate that you love your profession by talking about your experiences, how you have helped clients and your commitment to developing yourself as a beauty or massage therapist.

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

A wise quote from Benjamin Franklin which couldn’t be more on point. Perhaps the most important part of your interview prep is making sure that you have thoroughly read the job description, and related all of your beauty skills and experience to what they are looking for. Your future employer wants to know how you will benefit their company.

Do your research – you will no doubt be asked why you want to work at this spa or salon, so make sure you know which treatments, services and products they offer! Some good talking points, and what will really impress is demonstrating your knowledge of any awards they have won, the founder’s background (try Linkedin) and social media content.

Have intelligent questions to ask – the interviewer will most definitely ask if you have any questions, and will be disappointed if you don’t! Remember an interview is a 2 way process and you should be asking questions to make sure this is the right place for you too. Don’t be afraid to be quite direct..the interviewer will respect you more for this. Some suggestions are below:

1. What are your values as an employer? – you want to make sure you have these in common
2. Do you have any examples of career progression/promotion within your company? – show that you are interested in self development and working with this spa/salon long term
3. What is your vision for the future of the company? – show that you want to work for an industry leading, ambitious spa

Click here for examples of frequently asked interview questions by beauty recruitment agencies and employers.


Interviews can be a nerve racking experience, especially for the more introvert amongst us. Fortunately there are several effective ways of managing your nerves so that you remain calm, shine and present the best version of yourself!

1. Power poses – studies have shown that carrying out power poses (e.g. hands on hips) before an important meeting will cause your stress levels to fall, increase your dominant testosterone hormone and give you a boost of confidence

2. Mindset – you need to enter the interview with a positive mindset, thinking that you are great and feeling confident that you’ll get the job rather than focusing on your weaknesses

3. Body language – it affects how others see us, so be mindful of your actions. Maintaining eye contact, not fidgeting, use of hand gestures and nodding to show attentiveness are all examples of positive body language

4. Timekeeping – there is nothing worse than the sheer panic of running late for an interview, arriving looking harrassed and feeling stressed. Allow plenty of time and research your route so that you can relax when you arrive, take a few deep breaths, formulate your thoughts and familiarise yourself with the surroundings


Answer the question above and you are half way there!


Follow Up

It’s really good practice to send a follow up email when you get home after your interview. Thank the interviewer for their time, tell them it was a pleasure to meet them and compliment the company. Not only will this confirm that you’re still interested in the role, but will leave a memorable lasting impression.

Don’t forget the power of positive thinking – remember you’ve worked hard to get to this point and deserve the role. Good luck!


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