What’s it like Working for a Luxury Spa in London?

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Spa hotels in London have a reputation for excellence – first class service, outstanding therapists and luxurious, no expense spared facilities. What sets the likes of The Four SeasonsESPA Life, The Dorchester, The Berkeley and The Bulgari apart from the rest is by being at the forefront of the industry, introducing new concepts and being ahead of trends.

Sally Pedder, Director of The Dorchester Spa stated ‘we pride ourselves on offering a unique menu of world-leading, expert beauty brands’. Not only this, what these 5* spas have in common is that they offer a personalised approach and recognise that each spa experience is individual.

These spas sound like a dream place to work for any aspiring beauty or massage therapist, but have you considered what it’s really like to have a job in a luxury London spa and what it takes to get to the top? For a first hand account we spoke to Krisztina, a London Mobile Spa therapist who is a regular at some of the city’s 5* properties:


1. What do you enjoy most about working for 5* spas in London?

I like working with them because the guests are international and I get to meet a variety of people. I also enjoy performing the higher standards of treatment that these spas offer to their clients.

2. Is there anything you dislike about working for 5* spas in London?

There is a high demand for massage treatments in these spas, and although I love providing this treatment the high volume of massage can take its toll.

3. How do the standards and expectations differ from that of a non luxury spa?

Both the standards and expectations are much higher. There is a big focus on etiquette, client care and immaculate grooming standards are required.


Perfect grooming is a must for beauticians working at luxury spas.


4. What opportunities have been presented to you through working for luxury spas?

The opportunity to meet extraordinary colleagues and guests, and also to be trained in luxurious beauty and massage products within the industry.

5. What type of treatments do you perform most in a luxury spa?

Massage treatments.

6. Which product houses have you been lucky enough to work with?

Espa, Omorovicza, Carol Joy & Valmont are some of my favourites.

7. How do you find the clientele in comparison to other establishments?

Much more demanding. These clients have experienced treatments in the best spas around the world, so they expect the very best.

Expertise and great customer service are mandatory in a high-end spa


8. How would you describe the ‘spa journey’ within a luxury hotel/spa?
A lovely, interesting journey for the senses which I feel blessed to be a part of.

9. What does it take to be a 5* therapist?
Commitment, hard work, reliability and uniqueness.

10. What advice would you give to therapists aspiring to get a job at luxury 5* spas in London?
Go for it! It will teach you a great deal and open up many doors and opportunities.


It’s obvious that spas of this calibre are looking for something special when it comes to recruiting therapists, as well as any other team members who make up the spa journey – retail consultants, spa attendants and spa receptionists. The work is fast paced and challenging but rewarding with opportunities to meet interesting clients, learn from other professionals and receive training from high end product houses. You will have chance to work with the best, develop your reputation as a first class therapist and lead a fulfilling career.

If you’re an experienced beauty or massage therapist, you are in the capital and think that the 5* life is a bit of you, we’d love to hear from you, as we specialise in spa recruitment in London. Who knows which exciting places you could end up working with – the world is your oyster!

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