So You Want to Get that Dream Job as a Beauty Therapist?

By November 17, 2017Business, Job Interviews

In today’s competitive world to get an interview can be daunting, as much as it is exciting. We can spend hours surfing job sites in search of that perfect role, the one that will change our lives…

But applying for your dream job is comparatively easy to being faced with the prospect of actually getting it. Things start to get real when you’ve been offered an interview and the floor becomes slippery when you realise that this opportunity depends entirely on what you will say and how you will behave. Here we give you some tips on the do’s and don’ts that will get you that job you’ve been obsessing about.


1. Look great

Rumour has it that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, particularly in the beauty industry. Looking fresh and smart might be the definitive factor that will make a difference when telling your friends whether you can or can’t afford that next cocktail.

Getting ready for a job interview


2. Be careful about what you say 

Luckily beauty and smart appearance is not the only yardstick with which recruiters will measure your suitability for your next beautician role. It is important to say what the employer wants to hear, and this involves speaking with a positive attitude at all times. Refrain from ranting about how much you hated your previous boss – especially if they are the competition. This will give your potential employer the impression that you lack loyalty and maturity.

3. Let them talk

It’s habitual to assume that any interview time should be filled with details on how amazing you are, but to potential employers, this could be a sign of self-centeredness and poor team-working skills. The recruiters will be eager to assess your listening skills as much as your communication skills. Attentive listening is a good indicator of your ability to comply with their requirements – anarchists and revolutionaries need not apply.

4. Energy matters

No employer wants a layabout in their team. It is important that you show them how ambitious you are to get this position and this involves a healthy dose of smiling, sitting up straight and the occasional joke. Recruiters want to make sure that you will be highly productive and for this purpose, they will assess whether you are genuinely excited about the prospective role as opposed to being forced by your mom/boyfriend/girlfriend.

At job interviews be proactive!


5. Be yourself

Yes, we might all be actors and the world might be our stage but pretending to be someone else all the time can be tiring – especially if you have to do it for the next twelve months. Although we all put on acts at interviews to a greater or lesser extent, it is important to show your potential employer that you have something original to offer them, something that no one else has –  and the best way is showing them that charming bit of yourself that they won’t find anywhere else. Remember, “be yourself – everyone else is already taken”.

With these 5 aces under your sleeve, you will now be a step closer to getting that much-desired beauty role; be it as a massage therapist, a nail technician or a receptionist at that high-end salon. If you need extra help to make the next step in your career and get your dream job, contact us for more information.


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