Week 4 – Understanding Why You Want To Be a Business Owner.

Week 4 – Understanding Why You Want To Be a Business Owner.

Week 4, exciting!!!!:)

So you have got to a point in your career that you feel you are ready to move to something bigger and better. You have learned as much as possible, mastered your skills and you are ready to spread your wings in the entrepreneur world…..

Before starting this new adventure I want you to truly understand why you want to start a business and be an entrepreneur.

So often people make the mistake in thinking that they want to start a business because they have been told that they are good at a massage, so they should start a business. They truly love being a beauty therapist and want to incorporate that into their own business. They dislike their manager and due to that dislike their job, they see it as a way out to get free, doing the work they love doing and doing it all for themselves. These are all the wrong reasons to go into business, it is a myth that grows out of misunderstanding about who goes into starting a business and why. The myth that if you understand the technical work of a business, you understand a business that does that technical work.

The reason why this is such a fatal mistake is that as a business owner you are now stepping away from being just a therapist, you are starting a new role completely. At first you are a therapists, manager, bookkeeper list goes on…. You going to be working long hours, seven days a week until you get yourself into a position that you can eventually start outsourcing your work. If you have the right frame of mind, you won’t mind the long hours at first, as you will be able to see the end result, which is outsourcing. The problem with going into a business with the frame of mind of loving the technical work and wanting to start a business because of that, is that it will be hard for you to step away. You will put pressure on yourself to always do everything, as you do it best, after all you were always told you were the best massage therapist. This will only lead to failure, as the pressure will be too much, you will overload yourself with all these old and new tasks. The old being the “technical” aspect of the job, the beauty therapist. The new being the business owner, the entrepreneur. The zest that was once there to climb has now turned into a terror of heights. The face of the rock had become something to cling to rather than to scale.

It is important to want to go into business as you want to go into business. You want to start something and watch it grow. Although it is important and a good starting point to enjoy the industry you are starting a business in, it is also important to understand that you will no longer be a therapist or be doing the “technical” aspect anymore and if you are a true entrepreneur you should also want this. If you don’t understand this, you will overwork yourself and the thing you were so passionate about will turn into hatred and resent, as you are playing so many roles at once.

First there will be exhilaration, second terror, third exhaustion and finally despair. A terrible sense of loss- not only the loss of what was closest to you, but your special relationship with your work, the loss of purpose, the loss of self.

To give a personal perspective, I had always wanted to start a business. I had always wanted to grow something unique and beautiful. I had always wanted to have a daily challenge and new lesson, challenge myself in ways that I never thought were possible. Put myself in uncomfortable situations on a regular basis. The fear of the unknown makes me feel alive, makes me so happy! The fear of failure pushes me more to make sure failure is not an option. I wanted to eventually outsource the technical work and grow a business, learn all the ins and outs, have a journey that everyday would be a learning curve, have more free time, eventually travel whenever I please, live a life that is stunningly unique, that stands out from the norm and majority. This would not be a possibility if my initial reasoning for starting a business was to be a beauty therapist under my own terms. If this was the case I would of stayed as a temp beauty therapist working for other agencies instead of creating my own, as this allows you to choose your own shifts whilst still doing the actual work.

I had studied beauty therapy as I knew that it was such a vast field, it would open many business opportunities, would allow to live and work globally. It would be the starting point to my beautiful journey ahead of me. The interest in the industry lead me to my passion, which is start ups and business, the beauty industry was not my passion. It is a love I think you can only truly understand if you have the right frame of mind and enjoy the fear, excitement and challenge that comes with starting a business. I can try explain my love, but it can only be truly expressed once experienced. Saying that, it doesn’t mean that journey is easy, there are so many ups and downs. You will feel so inspired and motivated one week and the next something might go wrong, a new lesson might be accruing and you will feel like you are failing. If you have the right frame of mind, you will take this experience and these emotions and learn the lesson that business is teaching you and improve yourself, fix the mistakes and the problems and allow your business to grow from them.

As a new entrepreneur it is important to leave the therapist behind you and engage with the entrepreneur in you, the entrepreneur that wants to build something beautiful, that sees opportunities, wants to create jobs for people, this is the side of your personality you need to let lose and explore in order to be truly successful in every aspect that business has to offer. 

Next week I will discuss the factors contributing to small businesses failing. These factors should not scare you but help you avoid failure.

Book of the week: The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber. I am currently reading it at the moment, but it will be great guidance to helping you decide if starting a business is really for you and if you are starting them for the right reasons.

Podcast of the week: Peter Diamandis on Disrupting The Education System, The Evolution of Healthcare and Building a Billion Dollar Business, by Tim Ferris. Very interesting and inspiring views.

Quote of the Week: The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It.





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