Week 2- Different Business Opportunities Within The Beauty World

Week 2- Different Business Opportunities Within The Beauty World

I hope that last week was a good start to your journey in becoming a successful #beautytherapist and #entrepreneur.

I look forward to getting you one step closer in your #journey this week. Please leave feedback on the comments section, if you feel I could be more helpful or if there is any other information you would like me to share. I would also like to hear about your journey, so please keep me postedūüôā

Last week I gave tips on how to get into the #beauty industry, #interview tips and a great book to read! I am hoping that you have started reading the #FourHourWorkWeek, as it is truly life changing if implemented!

This week I will discuss all the different options you have as a beauty therapist, to work for yourself and live a life of freedom. The beauty industry can be very #rewarding if you take the #leap and #start your own #business.

There are unlimited options you can take. The Four Hour Work Week gives great tips on how to outsource your work, so that you can work less hours a week and get yourself into a position that your business has a passive income, while you enjoy free time and do all the things you have always wanted to do, but didn’t have the time, as you were always working. The exact reason I took the leap, as I was sick of missing out on a social life with my friends and decided it was time for a change, I have never looked back!

There are so many different career choices you can take when looking to start your own business in the beauty world. This week I will discuss a few of those options so that you can start getting an idea of which road might interest you.




1. Beauty Blogging РIt is an exciting way to keep up to date with all the latest information in the industry and help other beauty therapist. Once you have enough traffic on your website you can implement affiliate marketing. If the consumer is directed to the website of the product you are marketing, you are rewarded a percentage of each product sold.  http://www.smarta.com/advice/sales-and-marketing/sales/affiliate-marketing-for-beginners/  for more information for beginners. A blog is time consuming at first and will take a while before making a decent or passive income, but if you are persistent, work on your SEO and Social media, you will be earning a passive income in due time. http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/blogging-tips/ GREAT website to get information about passive income and blogging.

2. Mobile Manicures and Pedicures РThis form of business is great for convenience, which is what people seek in the 21st century. It takes time to set up, get clients and eventually outsource. My recommendation would be to join Business Networking events, it has been the most successful way for me to get clients and increased my confidence drastically.  Once you get to a point that you have a high demand of clients, you start looking at outsourcing the work to other mobile therapists. When you first start to outsource, you will probably earn less money. But eventually once you have a few therapists on your records you will grow quite substantially. This form of business is great, as it is low cost to set up, will allow you to work globally and is really fun!:)

3. Mobile Massage –¬†There is a massive demand for mobile massage, especially in cities. This work can be done on clients at their home or hotels. I would recommend the same procedure as the mobile manicures and pedicures. Attend business networking events, email hotels and introduce your company. Be annoying, email until you get a response. My procedure for emailing was sending an email to introduce my company, a follow up email the week after and a follow up call the 3rd week. This form of marketing won’t be successful with every company you contact, you need to accept rejection. But even if you get one clients out of 10, that is a step forward and you don’t know what opportunities that one client will bring. NEVER GIVE UP!! I don’t take no for an answer. ¬†This form of business is great, as it is low cost to set up.

4. Spa/Beauty Salon –¬†This start up is quite expensive to set up. You will need to have a lot of funds saved or invested. Luckily there are many different ways to get investing now days, such as CrowdFunding¬†https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowdfunding, or¬†Small Enterprise Investing Scheme¬†https://www.gov.uk/seed-enterprise-investment-scheme-background. Small Enterprise Investing¬†is a government program that allows investors to have a reduction in their corporate tax if they were to invest in a small business via this program, which helps promote small businessmen, as small businesses make up 80% of the work force in the UK. The investors only start paying tax on the business they invested in after 3 years of making profit, so there is low risk and high gain, GREAT PROGRAM!!! Alternatively you could get a loan too. A spa/salon can get into a position that can be completely outsourced to managers, therapists etc. You will need to put the hours in for the first 2 years or so, but if set it up correctly and in the right location, it can be very rewarding and is the kind of company that can become a chain of salons/spas.¬†http://startups.co.uk/how-to-start-a-beauty-salonspa/¬†(this recommended blog is a perfect example of the affiliate marketing).

5. Importation And Exportation Of Beauty Care Products –¬†¬†Another way you can make money in the beauty care industry is through the importation and exportation of beauty care products. The one in particular is a bit complex because you have to undergo some necessary steps and obtain licenses before you can be fully established as a beauty care product exporter or importer.

6. Recruitment And Temping Agency –¬†Start a beauty temping agency, which will allow you to place beauty therapists with spas on a daily basis to cover shifts. At first you will need to put in the hours, whilst busy establishing the contracts. Eventually you will get to a point that you will start the interview stage and start outsourcing the work to other beauty therapists. An agency will still consist of a bit of daily maintenance, such as invoicing, organizing of shifts, interviews, but this can eventually be outsourced to a assistant or a good virtual assistant. Tim Ferris gives great advice on outsourcing to a virtual assist and good companies that can be used globally.

This week’s book recommendation –¬†Choose yourself by James Altucher. This book will teach you new tools and economic forces to make it possible for individuals to create art, make millions of dollars and change the world without ‚Äúhelp.‚ÄĚ More and more opportunities are rising out of the ashes of the broken system to generate real inward success (personal happiness and health) and outward success (fulfilling work and wealth).

Podcast of the week –¬†The podcast series called The Pipeline by Dan Benjamin. The podcast that he is interviewing Tim Ferris. They discuss Tim Ferris’s success and how he motivates people, how he tests different experiences to get results. Very inspiring and motivating.

Inspirational Quote –¬† You don’t always need a plan, sometimes you just need to breath, trust, let go and see what happens. I can stand for this, as my current business was not part of my plan. Although it is good to plan, you should also be open to opportunities.

Next week I will be doing something a little different just to mix it up a bit. I will give massage and beauty tips for those at home and a quick fix if you are experiencing discomfort at home but it is too late to call your massage therapist. Your very own massage DIY. 




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