Week 7 – My Journey So Far… Closer to My Goals

Week 7 – My Journey So Far… Closer to My Goals

Hey guys:) 

So I got asked to do a talk last night (8th September 2015), to inspire people looking to start businesses that are currently on benefits from really bad situations. It was very inspiring to be part of and I managed to get a lot of connections, to help people start their business. 

The organisation that contacted me is fantastic!! if you are an entrepreneur yourself, I would highly recommend getting in touch to see if you were able to help in any way yourself. See the link https://forcommoncause.org/

The charity is crowd funding for people on benefits, so if you are a company owner or part of a organisation and might have some valuable information to share, you can help by donating your time for business advice and support or a service you are able to offer to help. Or you can donate money to help them get going, it is a great cause!!! I am donating my time, it is good to give back and it is what I am passionate about, so if I am able to share my experiences so far, that will be great. 

I am going to share my speech with you guys and the advice I offered that has helped me so far with my journey. Hope you like what you read and it will be useful to my readers:) 

My Talk……

So who here wants a better life? Earn a good income but still eventually have the free time to enjoy the money you earn and the life you design for yourself?

Well I am here to tell you with hard work and determination, this is all possible. Technology has structured our life in such a way that we are able to work less hours, have more free time, out source our work load. Obviously it all depends what your goals are but anything is possible in today’s world and I am going to share my story with you and how I am on the path of living this lifestyle I am choosing for myself.

So for the exact reason that I just mentioned, I was working long hours, for not much in return. Worked every weekend, so missed out on all the important days, like hanging out with loved ones, which to me is very important and is one of the biggest reasons I have any goal in life. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in putting the hours in and working weekends at first if it is for yourself and for your own company, as you know in the long run you will eventually outsource the work and have more free time.

I had got introduced to a book called the four hour work week, this book changed my life! After reading it, I realised the kind of life I could have and how I wanted to design my life. I would highly recommend it and take from the book what is relevant to your business and how it will work with your business and lifestyle. It is also just great motivator before starting your journey.

The author Tim Ferris, explains how you no longer need to wait for retirement, how we can outsource the tasks in our business that take up all the free time which in return allows us to enjoy our life. There is obviously a lot more to it, but that’s it in a nutshell. READ IT!!!

It is really important to have a purpose for starting a business and after reading this book, I decided to quit my job and go for what I wanted and the business idea I had in mind for some time. I knew that I wanted to start a business but needed the motivation. Along with reading this book, being very unhappy due to not having a social life, I knew that it was time. I am sure you have all heard the saying when the time is right? Well in my mind and from my experience you make the time right, there is not such thing as the right time, its all up to you. Although I would not advise this, I quit my job in debt, I had no savings and just went for it. It is very difficult to start a business without capital and would strongly advise against it, however if I had not done it then, it would of never happened, I created my own right time. Luckily in my industry, I was able to work with agencies, which allowed me to be flexible with my time and earn an income.

My initial business idea was not the beauty recruitment agency. It was the starting point that lead to my business. I had made a lot of connection whilst working with agencies and different locations and was open to opportunities. My initial idea was a mobile massage company, although the end goal always remained the same.

Once starting the recruitment company, it was a very long and hard challenge, everyday was a learning curve and still is, there were many times I felt that the possibility of failing was very high and still do from time to time. These are the times you need to be extremely motivated and keep going and push harder, they are what define successful businesses from none successful businesses. It will always be a challenge, which is probably the most exciting, yet scary thing about a business. The best parts for me so far were when signing new contracts with companies, meeting great therapists to be part of my team, watching my company grow slowly each month. The most stressful so far were the times when my business might have failed due to cash flow, companies being late with payments, which I can assure you will happen at some in your journey. Cash flow is known to be on of the biggest reasons small businesses fail and can cause a great amount of stress, avoid it at all costs, by being financial prepared!!

I used the last month that I was employed to do research on how other businesses within my industry become successful, read loads of blogs and did what my competitors had done to become successful. There is so much information out there to help you with your journey and get you started. Attending business networking events was probably the best advice I had followed. It allows you to meet potential clients, boosts your confidence and is there in order to get referrals for your company, to help you promote your business. It is also a very positive environment to be in, which is very important when starting your business and throughout.

I currently run a beauty recruitment agency. I am the middle man between the a few spas around London and I have roughly 30 beauty therapists contracted to my company name. At first I was working 7 days a week, I was doing all the shifts, working on my business in the mornings and evenings, it was very challenging and hard. After some time I decided to move away from shift work and focus only on my business, as it is not feasible to do everything, you will eventually die out, balance is very important for a successful business. I started my agency about a year ago, so it has not been very long that I have had my company, but it just shows how much can be achieved in just a year, if you put your mind to it, stay focused and work hard. I now currently work from home, or in coffee shops and run my business from my laptop. Although London will always be my base, each day I am that much closer to my goal, which is being able to work globally, come and go as I please.


1. Attend networking events – Find business networking events close to where your business or home is located. Research the network you decide to join, there are certain factors that define a good group.
2. Listen to PodCasts – My favourite that I follow. The Tim Ferris Show, Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income, Creative Warriors, The Pipeline.
3. Read as many business books as possible – The two I highly recommend are The Four Hour Work Week By Tim Ferris and The E- Myth Revisited By Michael Gerber. 
4. Read blogs relating to your industry – Some of my favourite http://fourhourworkweek.com/  and http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/ and http://www.inc.com/
5. Get a business coach – My business coach Patricia patricia@patriciaezechie.com saved my business, best business decision I made!!! Email her if you want a good business coach.
6. Business partner – I am currently searching for a business partner. It is very difficult to start and run a business on your own and limits your growth as all the tasks are your responsibility.
7. Start or find a master mind group – A master mind is group of Entrepreneurs that gather weekly or monthly to bounce ideas off each other, share concerns of their business etc. It is just a support group, which is really important when starting a business and during.
8. Have a set plan and short term goal  – It is really important to have a business plan. Although it is good to have an idea of what you end goal will be, it is even more important to break those down into short term goals, weekly, monthly and at most 2 months. Have a dead line for each task, this prevents procrastination. 5 year goals are unrealistic, you are unable to know how your life is going to play out in 5 years. It is good to have a general idea and reasoning for what you doing, but to know what your life be like in 5 years is unrealistic and also limits your opportunities that might come your way in that time. Like mention above, my current business was not my initial idea, if I had a “5 year plan” I would not be where I am now and on the path to greater things.
9. Appreciate your staff – I was told to put this point first at the talk last night and I completely agree!! Your staff are the most important part of your business, without them you will fail!! There is a reason you have had to get staff and if you don’t have people to fill those roles, you will fail! It is a no brainer to me, but some people are stupid with these things, excuse my insulting description. However if you are one of managers, you deserve the term. Treat people how you want to be treated, respect goes a long way, I don’t care how far up you are in your position!! This goes for a lot of corporate female managers, from my friends experiences that are sadly in this world.

7 ways successful people spend their free time

I gathered the information from this link on Inc.com http://www.inc.com/jayson-demers/7-ways-successful-people-spend-their-free-time.html

Inspirational Quote – This saying has proved itself to me in every challenging situation I have faced in my life so far and I always try remember it when I face hard times in my life.

Everything always works out in the end and if it has not worked out then it is not yet the end:)

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