Week 1 – The Starting Point And Interview Stage, Where It All Begins.

Week 1 – The Starting Point And Interview Stage, Where It All Begins.

I have had a long journey getting to a point of working for myself in the beauty world…..

Join me for weekly blogs about how to pursue the beauty world and my journey as an entrepreneur, become a world traveler and make a successful career for yourself along the way. The beauty world is unlimited with opportunities and a great starting point into becoming a successful entrepreneur. I will give feedback of my journey, the latest podcasts I have listened to to help with the journey and some helpful and interesting books for guidance and enjoyment.

Each week I will give a few easy to read steps to get you closer to becoming a successful entrepreneur and my journey along the way that might help you get one step closer in your journey.  

This week I will give a few steps on how I got into the beauty world and became a good beauty therapist that will guide you in the right direction. 

1. Studying a NVQ level 3 in beauty therapy. I studied a level 6 in Health and Skin Care Therapy in South Africa, but a level 3 is more than suitable.

2. Get a job as beauty therapist, either in a spa or salon. The busier the salon or spa the better, as this will help you gain experience quickly, as it is a practical based industry. My mistake was working in a very quiet spa within central London, which was a great starting point and learning curve, but the more fast paced the better and faster you will learn.

3. Interview stage, be prepared, do research on the type of questions that might be asked and practice all your treatments, so that you are fully prepared for the interview. THEY WILL ASK YOU TO DO A TRADE TEST, SO BE PREPARED!! This might seem obvious, but know your CV very well. My very first interview I got stuck on a question that was related to my CV! Does not look very good , as I had obviously written my own CV.

4. Introduce yourself with a firm hand shake, always remember to sit upright throughout the interview and ask a lot of questions. Remember to always maintain eye contact with the interviewer, first impressions are very important, especially in an interview, as it will be your only opportunity to make a really good impression. FAKE CONFIDENCE UNTIL YOU ARE CONFIDENT!! One of my favourite sayings.

5. NEVER GIVE UP!!! If you don’t get a job straight away, keep looking, someone will remember what it was like to be in your shoes and will give you an opportunity. Once you have been given the opportunity, be the best you can be, be ethical and try your hardest to impress your manager. Always give a 110% in everything you do, this will only move you forward in your career and get you one step closer to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

6. Once you have nailed it and got the job of your dreams, be open to everything you can learn from the people above you, they have been there done that and got the t-shirt:) If you work for a company that prides themselves on improving their staff (which any good company will be) use that to your advantage and go on as many courses as possible, knowledge is power, use it to better yourself for when you become an entrepreneur.

7. Enjoy the journey!!!! It will be a long and hard road to get to the the end point and become a successful entrepreneur, but appreciate every step of the way and always remember that each step, no matter how hard or long, is a step closer to where you see yourself and want to be.

Book of the week – Which I will recommend to anyone that wants to live a life of freedom and seeks a change, is the four hour work week by Tim Ferris. I can truly say that he is my greatest role model and has inspired me to lead the life style I have always dreamed of. I was introduced to his book by an old friend before my journey started and it was the greatest present anyone had every given me.

Podcast – Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income Blog. Podcasts 15, 16 and 17. He explains different ways in which you can make a passive income. Very inspiring.

Remember that anything is possible and you can achieve whatever you believe you are capable of. The first step to success is realizing that it is possible and you are able to achieve it. In my experience, taking the fist step gave me the confidence and courage to carry on and allowed me to truly believe in myself. Prior to taking the first step, I always remembered that if other very successful did it so can I. We are all capable to achieve greatness and I hope to help you with your journey.






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