Week 5 – How To Get a Good Website Designed For Less Than £80


Week 5 – How To Get a Good Website Designed For Less Than £80

So Entrepreneurs, you have decided to start a business. Before taking the leap its good to have your website or blog in place. 

This week I am going to give you advice on how to set up a good and responsive (able to view your website on a phone) website for less than £80. In cities like London, it can cost up to £700 to get a website designed, so this information will be very handy. 

There are platforms out there such as Wix, I would advice not going down this road. Their websites are not very presentable, they state that it is free, but in order to have the website without Wix advertising all over it, you need to pay £16 a month, which you can imagine after having your business for a few years will land up being very expensive! My advice would be to get it done properly the first time and improve form there. I made the mistake of spending hours putting a website together on Wix only to start all over again on a WordPress site after a few months. 

What To Do Next…. 

1. Buy a theme from theme forest http://themeforest.net/. They have beautiful themes, make sure it is a WordPress theme, as I find WordPress really easy to figure out. They are around £40. The themes are modern, responsive, most of them have the navigation buttons on the top of the website, which is really important, as your client doesn’t want to waste time trying to find information. 

2. You will need to buy a domain name for your website. A good site that always has offers is GoDaddy. https://uk.godaddy.com/deals2/default.aspx?gclid=CNe306OpjccCFQEIwwod49AMUQ&isc=gofduk29&currencytype=GBP&cvosrc=ppc.google.godaddy&cvo_crid=69346355838&matchtype=e&ef_id=VFlbQgAABTuc51DH%3a20150803162246%3as. A tip for domain name, is to have the city you are offering your services in in the domain name, such as “The London Mobile Spa”. The reasoning for this is that people usually use the city in their search. You can search for promotion codes on line and get a discount.

3. You will need to host your website, you can do this via the same place you buy your domain from. Save you log in details. 

4. I would recommend buying a gmail account for your business, so that this can be used from the very beginning, such as info@londonmobilespa.com. This can be linked to your website and can be used on your contact us page. The business gmail account is roughly £3 a month. 

5. Once you have bought a theme, domain, website hosting and gmail account, go to a site called Fiverr https://www.fiverr.com/ create an account, search install WordPress theme. You can get someone to install your theme for you and set up a WordPress site for only $5, if you would like faster service it will usually be around $10. Turn over time is usually 3-4 days, or you can pay for a 1 day service. 

6. While your website is being set up, you can start putting the content together that you would like on your website, look at what you would like to take off the website, as you don’t have to use everything that the theme provides. Some themes have too much happening and some of the functions don’t serve a purpose and are only for show. LESS IS MORE! So take all the functions out that don’t serve a purpose to your company. 

7. Once your theme is set up, you can either get someone on Fiverr to install all the relevant content and edit the website, or you can play around with it and install all the content yourself. I figured wordpress out myself at first but it was very time consuming, so I paid someone to do the remaining work for me, as my main focus was building my clientele. But this is completely optional. It is fun to figure out how WordPress works. It is also handy to know in case you need to edit something yourself and don’t have time to outsource the work. 

8. I have a guy that does all my editing, SEO and social media for The London Mobile Spa site. He managed to get my website on the first page of Google in just a few months of hard work. He is a great option and is very reasonably priced, fast and brilliant, he hassles me to be faster:) He can either do a brand new website for you or edit a theme that you have bought. I would highly recommend him:) His companies name is WebSeoWiz. It is also really important to get your SEO and key words on your website in place in order to get your ratings high on Google, so this would be the best option.

9. Follow these 2 blogs they are great guidelines to follow when setting up a website, for the best and most functional websites that your customers will be looking for. http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/30557/6-Guidelines-for-Exceptional-Website-Design-and-Usability.aspx  and http://sharpened.com/web_design_rules

Please write a comment if you would like any additional information, I would love to help. 

Inspirational Quote: Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.

podcast for the week: The Secrets of a successful product launch with Ramit Sethi by Pat Flynn.

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